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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Latest News - May

I think I was being too aggressive with trying to write four novels at once.  I've had to slow down and cut it back to one.  Yes one. lol

Each story deserves as much time and attention as possible to make it pop, sing, dance, float, cry, and smile.

So at the moment, I'm focusing one story - of which I keep changing the title.  I won't know which title to go with until I look at a couple of book cover mock ups.

In addition, I was selected as the author of the month of the Sovereign Queenz Book Club.  Needless to say, I am honored and shocked!  They sought me out and I feel it is a privilege to have them read Church Chick. Here is the link to their website with the author spotlight:  SQBC - Michelle Carey

I think it's interesting that Church Chick has been lumped in with some urban fiction books.  Church Chick is not book that hits upon street life.  It more of a coming of age story.  To me, it's a light and easy read with some interesting twists and turns.  I enjoyed it as a screenplay and I've enjoyed even more as novel - especially when I've added some things to the book that are not in the screenplay.

Now it's back to writing.....staking my legacy for the future....

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