Blair X

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Twisted & Let It Burn

Almost finished the draft of plot notes for Twisted.  And boy is it ever!  Again, some crazy surprises.  I love it.  This is exciting.  Just when I thought I was really tired of these characters they bring in new thoughts and ideas of how their story should end.  

Finally, picked Let It Burn back up.  I thought I hadn't finished the first round of edits, but I did.  I remember I was in the process of making the subplot stronger.  And that's what I have to finish.  Once I do that, but those revisions in the document, I can send it to the editor.  It just takes time.  And I have a lot on my plate.  I always have a lot on my plate.

Nevertheless, I always figure good writing with good stories is similar to fine takes time.


Sunday, May 3, 2015

More to come....

I've been getting great feedback about Blair X, the sequel to Church Chick.  I decided to finish the series and make it a trilogy. The last book is tentatively titled Twisted

Church Chick - the beginning was about Sabrina.  How Sabrina changed from a sheltered woman to more worldly woman who found love along the way with Tobin.  She also encountered a lot of challenges.  Blair, the antagonist does a good job of trying to keep Sabrina and Tobin apart. 

Blair X - the next installment was more about Blair's journey.  She now must deal with her own challenges as it relates to Sabrina and Tobin.  Is she able to move on from Tobin?

Twisted - the last piece to the puzzle is about the challenges Tobin has to face. I'm in the process of drafting the outline to Twisted.  I'm not really sure how this will all turn out.  I have an idea, but anything can happen during the writing process. 

I'm excited to finish this series.  The characters have been great.  They are filled so many conflicted issues.  They have a steady stream of hurdles they must jump through. 

Thanks for joining me on this wild and crazy ride.