Blair X

Saturday, December 24, 2016


I can finally work on Twisted, the last of the trilogy of Sabrina Sloan, Blair Brown and Tobin Peterson. Long time coming.  Church Chick started as a screenplay submission for my MFA program in 2008.  Then I decided to novelize it.  Blair X is the sequel and unintended.  But it's one of my favorite books.  I have the outline written for Twisted and about three chapters already done.  My target is to get this book out in 2018.  Each book being spaced a part by three years in my world, but a matter of perhaps two years in book's world.

Here's the book cover for Twisted!  Hope you like it.  I think it's HOT!


Let It Burn

Let It Burn has now been released!!!!  Whoo Hoo!!!! It's on Amazon for $.99, however if you're a Kindle Unlimited subscriber you can get it FREE!!!! Another three year effort.  This book was a National Novel Writing Month winner from 2013! lol  Like what have I been doing with my time?!
Better late than never!


Saturday, July 2, 2016

Twisted Outline

Finished the outline. Also started writing the first draft of the manuscript. 

I'm also working on other people's projects that have delayed my own writing. 

I can't and won't blame it on not having enough time. I have enough, it's really about how I allocate it. 🤔