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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Latest News

As of late, I've been working on four stories - at once.  It's a lot, but it allows me to not feel stuck to one story.  I'm able to jump around and not get bored with one particular story.  It allows me to keep my mind sharp.  It allows me to stop on one thing - put it down and then go back to it in a couple of days.  But I feel like I'm keeping everything moving because I'm working on another story.  I'm still writing.

Here are the working titles for the four stories:

1.  Blair X (This is the sequel to Church Chick, and I'm pretty much settled on this title. Here is the book cover.  The novel is plotted out.  And I've written about three chapters.)

2.  Jinxed (This was formally titled In The Zone.  Based off my screenplay - In The Zone.  I may go back to In The Zone.  I don't know yet. I'm about half way finished with this book.)

3.  Diary (This was a late minute story.  Something I just thought of one night - and I plotted it out.  This is something I work on here and there.  It's an interesting story.)

4.  Senior Year (This is the first novel out of my YA books - The South River High Series.  As with Diary, I work on it here and there.  I have to remember how it is to be a teenager/young adult again. lol The mindset.)

My goal is to have these books out late 2012 and early 2013. :-)  Aggressive!

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